Joyriders, Meet Marley!

Friends, I’m so stoked to introduce you to Marley Blonsky.  I absolutely love her unapologetic refusal to make biking in a bigger body about weight loss. GOOD STUFF. I’m not blowing smoke when I say that the content Marley makes just by living her life is stuff I wish I had seen 10 years ago! Hashtag inspiring.

First, friends, Marley and I were supposed to record at StreamPDX this weekend, but there was change of plans. It didn’t work out as we had hoped, this particular story below is one that I love and reference in the beginning of the show. I learned about it on this guy’s podcast, Secular Buddhism.

Marley’s blog: LifeonTwoWheels
F your comments section
How has your packing changed with experience?
Anna & Brendan Leonard: Best Served Wild
First night jitters
Whitefish, Montana – 3 day, 105 mi gravel ride
Bikin Obama @ Mt. Ranier
Biking Alaska
Parting Words of Wisdom

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Never forget, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Keep moving forward and until next time I hope you enjoy the ride.

Forever Forward!



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